OBEY has invited all ACC-CCA participants to show their gathering pass and gain free access to this concert.

The first show of OBEY Convention’s fall/winter programming features two performers twisting traditions and conjuring sonic places. Through extended techniques, hardened improv and physical mysterium, Áine O’Dwyer and chik white provide spiritually charged experimentations. Join us for an evening of new listening at Fort Massey United Church.

+++ Áine O’Dwyer +++

Irish musician, performer, listener and sonic stalker Áine O’Dwyer has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s most subversive and heady performers. Her recent practice centers around the pipe organ as an integral site of found and forgotten space, acoustic phenomena and the performativity of instruments, time, memory and the body. Described by All About Jazz as a ‘hyper-accomplished musician and innovator’ and praised by The Quietus for creating ‘folk music at it’s most primordial, visceral and raw’, we can’t wait to hear what powers she’ll unearth from within the 105-year-old organ at Fort Massey United.


+++ chik white +++

As a founder of both Divorce Records and OBEY Convention, Darcy Spidle has been an integral force in keeping things weird in Atlantic Canada. Since retiring from both aforementioned pursuits in recent years, he’s returned to his personal practice as chik white; performer, sound maker, wave capturer, writer and general human-on-the-edge. Focusing primarily around his extended jaw harp techniques and field recordings, his striking return to form has been hosted by imprints including Feeding Tube Records, Notice Recordings, Chocolate Monk and has received praise and coverage from The Quietus, The Wire, CBC, Canadaland, Exclaim and more.


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$20 / PWYC / No one turned away for lack of funds
All Ages / FREE for anyone under 19

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– accessible entrance at 5303 Tobin St.
– gendered & non-gendered washrooms
– accessible washroom via ramp by exiting building

No hate / violence / discrimination / oppression of any kind will be tolerated. All Welcome. Please speak with a staff member at any time if you are made to feel unsafe / unwelcome.

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